I'm Peter Kerr and I have always had a love for mens fashion and jewellery / jewelry. I have always found it hard to find unique, high quality jewellery / jewelry at a reasonable price, so thought that why don't I focus on the hard work curating a collection and make it easy for anyone to find the coolest jewellery / jewelry from around the globe! I started out looking for only mens jewellery / jewelry but have found a lot of pieces are unisex and look very cool on the girls too!

This is going to be a one stop shop that will make it easy for gift giving and hopefully give extra confidence to guys out there to start wearing a bit of jewellery / jewelry! I am only selecting what I would personally wear, and of course I think I have pretty good taste (I am a Libran too which is meant to help!). 

I am lucky enough to be constantly travelling the world watching trends and scouting talent, you can have a front seat view by following my Instagram @MENSJEWELLERYSHOP and see the stories behind the pieces I'm finding. I have already found two key suppliers, Vitaly Design from Canada who have a very cool modern range and Carpe Diem from Sydney who focuses on handmade detailed pieces that are made with really high quality metals.

I will be supplementing these two key suppliers with Artisan pieces that I find in the most random of places and all will have a story. I also am looking forward to collaborating with talented designers to create some bespoke pieces too so stay tuned!

Contact me anytime via Instagram or email peter@pkaustralia.com

I hope you like what you see - I will keep adding as much as I can over the coming months!