This is your one stop shop to finding the coolest mens jewellery, unisex jewellery and online jewellery from around the globe! (I also have mens jewelry, unisex jewelry and online jewelry for all you Americans!) I'm Peter Kerr and have always had a passion for fashion and jewellery but have always found it hard to find reasonably priced, great looking and good quality jewellery for men... That is when I decided to start to help everyone easily find beautiful products that will suit any occasion.

I am luckily enough to travel the world constantly which gives me the rare opportunity to offer a range of Artisan items that other jewellery outlets couldn't - I'm bringing the local designers to a global audience.

Two key suppliers will bolster my jewellery offerings, Vitaly Design from Canada is a bloody cool brand that has been growing up over the past four years. Shane Vitaly Foran headed to Ubud, Bali in 2011 where he sketched his first piece of jewellery. Now they are making trend-setting jewellery for the world. Carpe Diem from Sydney is the culmination of Greg and Ashar who with a strong design background from Australian designer labels Sass and Bide and Zimmerman, combined their business minds with silversmith training to create truly beautiful individual pieces.

I will be supplementing these two super star design brands with unique Artisan pieces that I find on my travels of the world and will be hopefully collaborating with exciting local designers very soon to make special collections just for you!

Please follow me on Instagram @MENSJEWELLERYSHOP to stay in touch on what I'm up to - This is a one man show (with the help of an amazing warehousing team) so feel free to let me know what you like and don't like... Let's take this journey together! Email me at with any questions or feedback.